After permanent pacemaker, usually patient gets discharged within few days, with review follow up after one to two weeks.

Self Care :

  • Continue antibiotics as per prescription.
  • Stitch removal after 7 / 10 days.
  • Do not pout water in your pacemaker dressing for at least two weeks.
  • There is as such no restriction of movement or activity. Try to avoid flinging rapid arm movement for one week.
  • Try to avoid pulling weight more than 5 kgs in pacemaker arm.

When to call doctor:

  • Bleeding, swelling, pus discharge or gross discolouration in pacemaker wound site.
  • Syncope or fall.
  • Low pulse rate (below 50 bpm).
  • High grade temperature within one month of pacemaker insertion.
  • Jerky abnormal feeling of movement arm or abdomen.